Here is the letter of objection of a senior citizen of Haviva St. to the municipal building plan haifa/2187:

Dear Sirs:

I have been living in Ramot Remez, Haifa on Chaviva Reik Street since the early 1970's. I enjoy the clean fresh air, the trees and greenery and the quiet atmosphere.

I am strongly opposed to the proposed building plan for the following reasons: 1. Since the buildings on Haviva Reik Street were built in the 1950's, and our building is on a steep hill, the foundations are weak and the addition of more floors, expanded living space and an elevator would further weaken the structure. The entire building could collapse, especially in the event of an earthquake. In the last relatively mild earthquake the building shook quite strongly. Since the SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE is of utmost importance, if there is even one chance in a million of this disaster happening then we must not consider adding more floors to an old building.

2. If elevators are built and living space expanded, owners would have to pay additional fees for the elevator and higher municipal taxes. We would not be able to afford these expenses and would be compelled to sell our apartment.

3. During the period of reconstruction home owners and those living in rented apartments would be forced to move.

4. The proposed plan would cause damage to the environment. Most of the trees and their roots would be destroyed, weakening the earth and increasing the possibility of earthquakes' damages. The trees which provide us with oxygen, shade, breeze and beauty would be cut down. The birds living in the trees would disappear. The natural stream and woods would be replaced by parking spaces for the cars. The beautiful rare and protected cyclamen flowers, which could be a tourist attraction would disappear. The construction would cause noise, dust and air pollution. Children and babies, the elderly and those suffering from respiratory and heart conditions, (such as myself,) would suffer most. The additional cars would further pollute the air.

5. There would be overcrowded living conditions due to the increase amount of tenants. Having come from a big city (New York) I do not wish to live in another concrete jungle. Overcrowding leads to an increased crime.

6. Streets would be made wider to accommodate the parking lots so there would be less space for sidewalks and benches.

If despite all the disadvantages, if the reconstruction plan is adopted, then the entire buildings should be demolished and new strong and earthquake resistant structures built.

For the above reasons I am definitely opposed to the proposed building plan and hope and pray that it will be repealed.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Yours truly,

Mrs. ...


Hundreds oppositions were sent against this municipal building plan. Will they help? Will the shy cyclamens bloom?

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